“This journey is funny, witty, and each chapter leaves you wondering what will take place next.” ~ Vicky R.

About Stephanie Dawn Hrehirchuk

Stephanie is the author of 19 books, including Nourish: Ayurveda-inspired 21-day Detox. She has a tree planted for every print copy sold of her Anna series of children’s books.

Stephanie writes and speaks about nutrition, health, yoga, meditation, the chakra system, motherhood, and spiritual pursuits. For years she was a regular contributor at Gaiam, with articles published at Sivana Spirit, Finer Minds, Guided Synergy Magazine, and Trifecta. Her writing, recipes and workshops can be found at stephaniehrehirchuk.com

“May my books leave you better than they found you.”

“I bought a signed copy from the author and loved every minute of it. It’s told in a vivid style that made me feel as if I was there experiencing all the events as they unfolded. Struggling to live with a young family, career, and time for oneself is something most of us relate to, and Stephanie tells it like it is and opens our hearts to something rich and rewarding as she plunges into her quest.” ~Casandra Arnold

Told in a style that the New York Times describes as “self-help memoir,” An Accidental Awakening offers readers the tools and inspiration they need to transform their lives: to find family in yoga and yoga in family.

“It is a delicious story, so relatable and it has captivated me! I’m not getting anything else done, I must get to the next Chapter! I highly recommend!!! You’ve got a way of engulfing the reader, it’s like I’m on a boat sailing through your journey!” ~Dawn Baisley

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